Apurbaechim Fulam | Lawry Travasso’s | Konkani Tiatr


Apurbaechim Fulam | Lawry Travasso’s | Konkani Tiatr


Title – Lawry Travasso’s – Apurbaechim Fulam

Producer – Fabian Da Costa

Copyrights – Manfa Music & Cat Videos


Top Comments – Apurbaechim Fulam

Joao Pereira
5 months ago
Enjoyed this play. Thank you. Very educative. João Msnuel from Canada…..

Wilson Paul
5 months ago
Richard’s Starting Look Is Always Hilarious 😆 👌🏻

Abdonio Loureno
2 years ago
Mother Mary please bless all AMEN

Alex Dsouza
2 years ago

Francisco Fernandes
1 year ago
Hello Manfa Music..
Wonderful Job…
God bless you. 💐💐👌

Apoline Mendonca
2 years ago
very nice. keep it up. God bless youll

Prasad Bagli
11 months ago
I liked the story Lawry keep it up 👍👍 keep gong…n more videos

2 years ago
Manfa Music pls uploaded more konkani movie’s on the You Tube.Thank You!

Silvia Faria
2 years ago
Nice drama lawry bab nd comedy is to gud all my favorite comedian may god bless u all😊👍👌😘😘❤

Maria Noronha
2 years ago
Very nice story. I like it.may our Lady bless always.

fernandes Fernandes
2 years ago
Very nice story

Jennifer Menezes
11 months ago
Wonderful story….

Xavier Coutinho
2 years ago
ourlady forgive them an bless them you are there an always will be ther forever amen

Clara Sequeire
2 years ago
Very nice story

Valeshka and Vanisha D,costa
2 years ago
Very nice story

Betty Moraes
3 months ago
Good story Lawry keep it up i like to watch all your theater

Royson Fernandes
2 years ago
Good story

sjc convent Lodhivali
2 months ago
Beautiful Tiatr

Jovita Miranda
1 year ago
Out standing performance

J_N Gaming!!
3 weeks ago (edited)
Thank you ❤️❤️ because of all of you Konkani titar is alive may god bless you all of you.
Konkani titar is my favourite .

defhney alfonso
1 year ago
Nice acting and meanful message to all of us thank you God bless all of you and your family members 🙂🙂

11 months ago (edited)
very nice story i like it.

NRI Chef
1 year ago
What’s the name of the background music 🎶

Joseph Trindade
1 year ago
The film is really nice and worth watching, with a meaningful story the cast in the movie are great. However the care worker or the helper at the home care should have been a little more polite to the couple. Here was the failure in the movie. He was talking negatively all the while.

Konkani Comedy
2 years ago
Hello manfa , why are you putting strike on channels that have your videos and you already making money out of our channel posting your videos

Micheal Fernandes
2 years ago
I hate this person agostinho doing such actions. Rest are very good at their best. Congrats.


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