POVITR FULAM | Goan Konkani Comedy Videos 2020



POVITR FULAM | Goan Konkani Comedy Videos 2020

Artiste ; Comedian Brian, Comedian Rima, Comedian Ricard, Comedian Ambe


Top Comments – POVITR FULAM

Carie Fernandes
1 year ago
Never do mockery of God in anything you do . You will repent later. Be aware of it and act
accordingly. I hope you will understand. There are many ways to do comedies but never make fun
of God or saints

Ivo Gonçalves
1 year ago
Its so funny to see people say not to speak of God or bible….But in real life..its better
you’ll introspect into your own lives…. This part of the tiatr has been a reality in many Goan
houses with an Alter in front of it all.

1 year ago
They make fun of God because they dont read bible

hepilton fernandes
1 year ago
May God forgive you, don’t bring God in drama, read Bible and ask forgiveness. Don’t play with
God, consequences will bad,

Anushka 07
1 year ago
Richard and Brian you’ll rock on stage may god bless you’ll
May god bless you’ll all

Caetaino Rebello
1 year ago
Plz make comedy show but don’t take god name to make money

Austin Rodrigues
1 year ago
Dont make comedy with god never u people will punish one day mark my word this is useless
comedy in my life I saw

Meena Costa
2 months ago
Uzoo 🔥🔥🔥nice comedy 😂🤣👌

Glenn Masky
11 months ago
Please don’t make fun of god

Ana Sarita Vagel
1 year ago
Cant listen properly what they r saying

Seby Vaz
1 month ago
In the future don,t play Gods and saints for your comedy

Liby Rego
1 year ago
Please keep ur limits. U have no rights to make fun of our God.

Roque Travasso
1 year ago
Are you guys are ok? When you say something people starts laughing. But don’t do this. God is
great. God bless you.

Remon Gomes
1 year ago
No relevance in comedy and why god and its holy sacrament are been mockerd only to make people
laugh? . People have no taste ,director has lost sence in making dramas .
But Still God bless you and ur work.
Pls read out some books


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